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KBA designation

The KBA (Kraftfahrt-Bundesamt), the German Federal Transport Agency, has designated the Automotive Division of CSI as a recognised Technical Service both as a test laboratory (ISO/IEC 17025:2005) and as an inspection body (ISO/IEC 17020:2012) for the issue of E1 and e1 mark type approvals.
We would remind you that the markings "E" and "e" followed by a number identifying the Member State responsible for issuing it ("1" for Germany, "3" for Italy, "4" for the Netherlands…..) are compulsory markings for putting automotive components on the market.
The recognition obtained by CSI concerns categories A, B and D, i.e. the possibility of conducting the testing service, for the purpose of type approval and/or surveillance, both in CSI laboratories and in outside laboratories (third party or manufacturer), favouring the choice of the best solution for the customer.
With this recognition, CSI now has the opportunity to provide its customers with conformity and type approval tests across a wide variety of EU and UNECE regulations.
The main products and types of tests for which CSI has obtained recognition concern: Engine / Pollutant Emissions, Noise Emissions, Braking and Steering Systems, Wheels / Tyres, Endurance Tests / Coupling Devices, Visibility, Passive Safety, Active Safety, Measuring and Control Devices, ....
"The recognition obtained from the German authority is further confirmation of the prestige we enjoy in the automotive sector", said Vincenzo Ruocco C.E.O. CSI Automotive Divison "and strengthens our benchmark role in the sector as the largest Italian pole for vehicle and component safety”.
By turning to CSI, automotive companies will benefit from the acknowledged expertise of its technicians and from the continuous updating of regulatory developments, made possible by the participation of CSI engineers at KBA's Exchange of Experience regulatory meetings.
For information:
Daniele Gervasini
Automotive Division | Homologation Services – Manager
tel. (+39) 02 38330371 | mob. (+39) 345 6808511


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