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Transport simulation services

CSI presents the transport simulation services useful to verify the protective effectiveness of packaging during transport (by any type of vehicle) and the entire distribution cycle, according to national and international standards (ASTM, ISO, etc..), and according to specific protocols defined internally by companies.
Why perform transport simulation tests?
  • increase the reliability of the packaging
  • reduce content damage
  • zero the costs of reimbursement 
  • increase customer satisfaction and corporate reputation.
How to verify the effectiveness of the packaging?
Here are some tests: 
  • CLIMATE CONDITIONING (climatic chambers from 1cubic meter up to 200 cubic meter)
  • SHOCK TEST / DROP TEST (drop towers with drop height up to 9 meters and loads up to 2500 kg, and  inclined plane for horizontal impact tests)
  • COMPRESSION (dynamometers and presses up to 150 kN loads)
  • VIBRATIONS (various vibrating, electrodynamic and hydraulic benches)
These tests are the only tool and the only guarantee that the packaging and its contents reach their destinations in optimal conditions.
For more information: lorenzoradice@csi-spa.com

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