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Industrial Product Testing Services


To a global and widely diversified market, the TESTING Department of the Automotive Division offers a full range of services and has all the expertise needed to develop and certify the reliability – i.e., the long-term ability to comply with functional requirements – of a wide range of products, from soccer balls to waste bins. 
The reliability of the services offered is guaranteed by the accreditations granted by ACCREDIA pursuant to the provisions set out in UNI CEI EN ISO/IEC 17025 (see website www.accredia.it for a complete list), the approvals granted by the Irish Department of Transport , the Dutch Ministry of Infrastructure, the Luxembourg Ministry of Transport, and the French Ministry for Production Activities, as well as by the European Community for the CE marking area.
When reliability is a critical consideration, a series of tests - selected as a function of product type - are carried out to determine whether the product in question meets the established requirements.  To this end,  CSI uses dedicated top-notch laboratories and relies on highly qualified, expert professionals, with a view to ensuring the best possible results in terms of quality and reliability of its testing and certification services. 
The TESTING Department works in many different fields, including playground equipment, and any other areas in which fatigue strength, tested by means of vibrating benches and thermal cycles, is a key factor to determine the life cycle of components and finished products.

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