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Vehicle Development

Testing and validation customized special projects

"With their wealth of experiences and skills, people always make the difference.”
To meet Client needs for specialised technical support, CSI makes its know-how available through the management of specially designed turn-key projects and dedicated professional teams. 
Technical support personalised as a function of Client needs consists of offering specialised services, mostly in the field of experimental engineering, from test engineering to performance engineering, from fault-finding to problem-solving.
Another strength is the possibility to pool the expertise and the facilities of the Group’s laboratories, which amounts to having a dependable partner, a partner that can offer a well diversified range of services.
Main test areas: 
  • Vehicle validation
  • Performance validation
  • Specialised diagnostics
  • Experimental construction support
  • Fleet calibration and management support 
  • Active and passive safety
  • NVH
  • Mechatronics
  • Technical Help Desk 
  • Product Quality Control
  • Production, sales & service network audits
  • Technical management of media events 


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