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Vehicle Development

Vehicle durability, fatigue and reliability growth testing

“An answer to any testing need”
CSI manages all the test stages characterising the development and fine-tuning of the validation process for systems built into a vehicle.
The know-how developed in over twenty years of work in collaboration with its Clients enables CSI to offer a full range of turn-key services: from the initial fatigue/durability tests on engineering mules and prototypes, through reliability growth tests on complete vehicles (process and preliminary run checks), to end-of-line product conformity tests.


Vehicle structural and fatigue testing

  • Fatigue tests targeting the vehicle’s main assemblies and systems: body, chassis frame and powertrain.
  • Accelerate fatigue tests in hot and cold temperature conditions, simulating vehicle behaviour in extreme climatic conditions. These tests are carried out in ad hoc conditions to meet EMEA, NAFTA, LATAM and APAC market specifications. 

Vehicle’s integrated systems Reliability Growth testing

CSI manages the reliability growth of a vehicle’s integrated systems through the application of well-tested standards, and in specific vehicle-Client-market missions.
Main test areas:
  • Accelerated tests according to specific testing protocols, on characterised routes 
  • Objective measures and subjective assessments of performance evolution and degradation 
  • Client mission characterisation by means of remote, real-time and worldwide parameter acquisition methods  (REVEAL© software)
  • Fault diagnosis and problem solving support 
  • Vehicle and system debugging at production start-up stage 
  • End-of-line quality control: Client-oriented tests


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