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Vehicle Development

Testing and validation of Vehicle Electronic Systems and Components

“Electronics in the forefront”
CSI’s Electrical/Electronic Laboratories support the Client throughout the development, functional and performance validation stages of individual E/E parts  and systems, ECUs, and their integration into the other complex systems of the vehicle.
By means of dedicated software developed by CSI (REVEAL© software ), Clients can be provided with databases containing all the parameters obtained through real-time remote measurements. The parameters are set out in reports organised according to Customer needs, complete with analyses and diagnostic data for use in system release and anomaly problem-solving processes.

Functional and structural verification of vehicle electronic systems and components

At CSI’s fully equipped E/E laboratories expert technicians conduct ad hoc tests on individual components and component-systems.
Testing steps:
  • Adaptive parameter acquisition;
  • Performance development;
  • Analysis, Fault-Finding and Problem Solving.
  • Main test areas include:
  • Thermal and vibration fatigue tests 
  • Data acquisition on CAN, LIN, Flex-ray and MOST networks
  • Navigation and infotainment system tests
  • Tests on vehicle electronic components 
  • EMC tests on vehicles and components
  • Debugging release software

Functional validation of vehicle integrated electronic systems

CSI’s long-standing experience in the development and validation of complex systems, also through the definition and improvement of specific testing methods and standards, make it possible to offer the Client technical solutions for the validation of complex electronic systems and the optimisation of system interaction.
Main test areas include:
  • Validation of performance targets in vehicle network communication protocols 
  • Client-oriented functional verification of a vehicle’s electronic systems

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