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Vehicle powertrain testing and validation services

“Our tailor-made competitive services”

CSI supports the validation process for powertrains integrated into the vehicle during the various stages of development (engineering mules, prototypes, process checks, preliminary runs), and it does so by applying specific accelerated fatigue protocols to the powertrains, both on dedicated tracks and on specially characterised routes, combined with the use of worldwide real-time engine parameter acquisition systems (REVEAL© software).


OBD test for powertrain behavior and engine system validation

CSI evaluates powertrain behaviour and reliability through the direct management of fleets taking part in test missions specially designed for engine system validation and calibration based on the applicable emission and environmental impact standards and regulations.
Main aspects of the testing process:
  • Characterisation of specific test missions for all vehicle segments, on external routes and on tracks;
  • Accelerated fatigue of the powertrain and assessment of performance and functional degradation;
  • Through the use of dedicated instrumentation, organised and structured management of emerging faults, with preliminary and in-depth diagnosis;
  • Engine parameter acquisition with REVEAL© software;
  • Determination of physical parameters, such as fuel consumption, performance ratings, emissions.
Each test area, in each and every phase, provides for integrated management of the validation process in coordination with the Client’s Engine Department.

Vehicle behaviour data Acquisition

CSI S.p.A. has developed in-house an innovative system for the remote acquisition of vehicle behaviour data. Launched in 2010, the new system is able to collect in real time all the information going through a vehicle’s on-board Electronic Counter Units and CAN network systems and save it automatically in a structured database, so as to facilitate and speed up the diagnosis of emerging faults.
The functions offered by the REVEAL© (REal-time VEhicle Analysis and Localisation) software add up to a highly innovative management method for vehicle fleets used in Durability, EOBD Validation and Reliability Growth tests, a method that can be extended to any type of remote detection and measurement of product behaviour parameters in service conditions.
Specialised engineering teams are able to supply first level diagnostic analyses through reports that are personalised as a function of specific Client requirements.
The Service Control Room reconstructs the dynamics of the event, including boundary conditions and geolocation data.
Immediate accessibility, the correlation of the data received from the various control units, the exhaustiveness of the organised database add up to a strategic knowledge tool, enhancing the efficacy and efficiency of the validation and release processes for the development projects underway.
The main activities include:
  • Mapping and definition of critical threshold performance levels for systems and components
  • Evaluation of the performances defined in project specifications
  • Immediate pre-diagnosis of nonconforming events
  • Accelerated diagnosis and optimisation of problem solving processes
  • Support to the experimental evaluation of electronic components and systems at the development stage 
  • Integration and completion of bench tests on electrical and electronic systems 
  • Maintenance and predictive diagnostics 

Electric and Hybrid Vehicles Performances and Safety Testing

Equipped with leading-edge instrumentation and highly qualified personnel, the Electric/Hybrid Vehicle Release Laboratory offers a full range of services for the characterisation of batteries and traction accumulators for use in electric and hybrid vehicles.
The relevant national and international standards provide for a wide range of performance requirements, such as those set out in ISO 12405 and SAEJ 2464, as well as in the specifications of most automotive  manufacturers.
The Laboratory is equipped to conduct safety and performance tests, including vibration, mechanical stress, temperature stability, corrosion and EMC tests, as well as tests on many more aspects, by combining them with the activities of the Battery Tester with Digatron EVT (Electric Vehicle Battery Tester).

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